Our mission for

Better health + a better world

Let's be real, the production of physical products and shipping has a carbon footprint, so we believe if we can move toward better choices...we must. Many businesses choose to not take sustainability seriously because it costs more and adds another layer of complexity. We don't accept that.

Here is what we are currently doing:

1) Vegan - all products, all ingredients, all materials.

2) Packaging - all our shipping packaging is curbside recyclable (including boxes, tape, stickers, filling paper).

3) Tree donations - every order we donate a mangrove tree to be planted as part of the Eden Reforestation Project.

4) Carbon neutral delivery - for all orders within Australia currently via Qantas Future Planet or South Pole.

5) Supplement bottles - all are curbside recyclable. The labels come off during the process so do not need to be removed.

6) Fit for purpose packaging - no matter what what material is used, having an excessively large container or shipment box simply uses more energy to create and more energy to ship. You won't see huge supplement bottles half full from us!

7) No single use soft plastics - our sleep mask comes with a vegan leather carry bag instead of plastic wrapper.

8) Solar energy - used for most of our office operations.

We think of this as just the beginning. We want to do more, especially when it comes to plastics. By choosing products from We Know and providing your valuable feedback, we can work together for a better future. Thank you.

mangrove trees - credit eden reforestation projects

Carbon capture!

Mangrove tree plantation (credit: Eden Reforestation Projects).

Mangrove trees are adaptable and incredibly powerful carbon dixoide removers. They are thought to remove up to 5-10 times more CO2 than some forests.

We very much appreciate your help in securing Earth for generations to come.