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At We Know Health

We create premium quality, researched, tested and potent supplements with specific goals to enrich your life today and for years to come. When combined with our wellness education and other tools, we want to bring you on the journey to better health that we have taken. With our in house Melbourne based We Know Health™ expert, we have the deep knowledge and personal experience to stand behind. Learn about our personal health journeys.

We are obsessive in creating the best versions of our products to reveal the best version of you, whilst reducing our carbon footprint through sustainability efforts!

we grow together


Way before We Know Health was imagined, Steven Musca ('Steve') was doing shift work around Australia.

Through his own experiences and those of friends doing shift work, he identified a huge community of shift workers (such as healthcare workers) struggling with low energy, brain fog, stress and poor sleep (to name a few!). But it's not just them - people from all walks of life around the world are busier and more run down than ever in this fast paced world.

The meticulous process of creating formulations was in the first instance to simply help Steve with these health issues but he quickly realised that he was far from alone. Having more energy to get through the day and being able to unwind to sleep at the end of the day were the top two issues mentioned by friends and they formed the first two products to get out there to the world!

We envision We Know Health to be a collaboration between the community and us, to develop new products and fine tune our approach so we can all feel better together! Have your say on the future of We Know...