Meet the

Founders of We Know Health

Steven Musca 'Steve'

- Resident We Know Health™ expert. He hopes to help keep people healthier and happier longer so they don't need to see his friends working in the Intensive Care Unit! Steve has a strong desire to improve frontline worker health and reduce burnout.

- Suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, insomnia and three head injuries leading to chronic migraines, igniting his interest in holistic wellness and taking health into his own hands. Read more about this by scrolling down.

- Wellness, peak performance and longevity obsessed lifetime learner. Loves a hit of tennis.

Danelle Thiele

- Has been working in medical secretarial roles from Cardiology to hospitals and Anaesthesia since 2009.

- Previously suffered from poor immunity and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

- Compassionate, animal loving, mum to Mac the cavoodle. Is a great vegan cook and can hit a tennis ball with some serious power!

the very abbreviated story of

Steve's health journey

On a sunny day in 1998, Steve's competitive side got the better of him and he competed fiercely in a cross country race whilst also being sick with what was later diagnosed as Epstein-Barr Virus ('Glandular Fever'). Boy, that was the biggest mistake of his life!

This set off decades of 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', immunodeficiencies and 'Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Sydnrome', turning the sport and life loving Steve into a shadow of himself. His parents lovingly sent him to every health expert they could, tried every remedy, he was admitted to hospital for periods and struggled through high school...without much reprieve.

Whilst in the final year of highschool, studying for university entrance exams he was in a car accident, suffering a head and neck injury. This added years of chronic neck issues and these subsequent headaches turned into daily migraines. He had previously suffered a head injury as an adventurous child.

Steve managed to push on to study the long university degee that ultimately led to the beginning of We Know Health, graduating at the end of 2011. He was still unable to run or play sports and was plagued by various health issues. Internship was a struggle!

Heavily motivated to improve his health, he used his accumulated knowledge combined with any other edge he could get in different fields of health. He was able to slowly get back exercising with gym, bike riding and tennis. Unfortunately another major setback occurred in 2018 when he got hit by a few cars on his bicycle just before his Specialist exams, flaring up the neck and head issues.

Years of shift work and on-call nights added chronic insomnia to the list. Along the way he became a Specialist in his field.

Steve went down every rabbit hole of treatments for the body and mind and has taken a HUGE number of different supplements. This led him to ultimately starting We Know Health which started with helping himself but soon became a journey to help others too. Fast forward to today...he is able to work, develop other projects, play sport, get better sleep, his immune system is better than ever and his mental resilience has seriously levelled up.

He is now turning to assist others on their wellness journeys. He believes prevention is the best treatment and our daily habits are key to healthier lives. He has many friends working in the Intensive Care Units around Australia who would wholeheartedly agree!