We Know Health products are very different to multivitamins simply topping up your levels, they are instead scientifically-formulated therapeutic medicines. We didn't pull any punches with dosages and so we expect most people to notice a difference when they use them, either on the first use or after using for a few weeks daily.

That being said, you may need to tweak your dosage or way of taking them to suit you. So, here is some extra guidance.
General supplement guidance

Getting to know your dosage

The instructions on the bottle will be appropriate for most people but those who are sensitive may wish to start with just one capsule and then move up incrementally to the max dose until the desired effect is achieved.

Remember, it is best to judge the effects after a consistent period (3-4 weeks) of consuming the right dose for you rather than after just one use.

If you are unsure, please contact us via support@getweknow.com.

Consume consistently

Once you have got the right dosage for you it is best to consume consistently each day to get the most from your products - the effects build up over time. Every day is different however so you may find you need a top up on some days! At the end of your first bottle you may choose to have 2-5 days off or to move straight on to the next bottle. Don't worry, both are fine!

Optimising capsule passage

Whilst our labels mention taking on an empty stomach if you have a very empty stomach and don't follow up with enough water / light meal your capsules won't get to where they need to go quickly!

Equally if you consume your capsules after a large meal, your stomach will be overloaded and some people may experience heartburn.

We recommend the following:

1) Ensure you drink enough water with the capsules to encourage transit into the small intestine.

2) Take your capsules immediately before a light meal. Consuming with milk/yoghurt/shake or complex carbohydrates can help.

3) Spread out your doses. If you are sensitive you can choose for example to take one capsule and repeat in several hours.

When consuming any supplements or food it is best not to lie down immediately.

Trouble swallowing?

Some people have trouble swallowing capsules. In this case we recommend:

1) Opening the capsules by twisting

2) Adding to milk, juice, a shake or yoghurt.


Please discontinue at least 1 week before any planned anaesthesia/surgery or as discussed with your doctor. This is to avoid any interaction with sedatives used and minimise the risk of bleeding.


What to expect

The most common experience with Energise+ is the feeling of being able to get more done for longer. The goal is to provide stamina and not a burst of energy with a quick crash. You might find you reach a certain time when you are normally exhausted but when taking Energise+ you feel less fatigued. 

We particularly suggest using it 2 hours before aerobic exercise to be able to go that bit longer or harder!

Dosing suggestions

Consume with a full glass of water to ensure adequate hydration and to improve transit time of the capsules. If you are sensitive to tannins in strong tea/coffee/wine we suggest consuming with milk or fruit high in Vitamin C such as oranges. Additionally, you can split up your doses.

If you have issues with an afternoon slump then consume at around 11am.

Everyone has a different sensitivity to stimulating compounds. We suggest initially avoiding consumption after 2 PM (or roughly 8 hours before bed) to avoid disrupting your sleep. You may then tailor to your own body.


If you normally consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages you should keep in mind that Energise+ contains 40mg of naturally occurring caffeine per capsule. It is recommended to stay under 400mg of caffeine per day for most people.


If you are wondering about the research behind the ingredients, we have prepared a whole page on this. Click here to visit the Energise+ research page. 

Visit the Energise+ product page for more info


What to expect

The most common experience is being able to fall asleep faster or feeling more relaxed if you wake up in the night. Some people find this immediately but others find it takes a week or two of consistent use to modify their deeply ingrained habits! It is also important to find the right dosage and timing for you as below.

Dosing suggestions

For the purpose of relaxing to sleep, take as directed on the label: 2 capsules 1-2 hours before bed. Start by taking immediately before a light snack or drink e.g. milk.

If your goal is to relax across the evening then we suggest splitting the dosage e.g. take 1 capsule in the early evening and 1-2 capsules 1 hour before bed.

If 2 capsules is too strong or you feel drowsy in the morning, reduce to 1 capsule or consume earlier in the evening.


You may experience more vivid dreams when using Unwind+. Don't worry this is not a bad thing! If for some reason you are having disturbing dreams, we recommend temporarily reducing your dosage whilst adjusting. Dreaming occurs frequently during REM sleep which is a vitally important stage of sleep for brain health.


If you are wondering about the research behind the ingredients, we have prepared a whole page on this. Click here to visit the Unwind+ research page. 

Visit the Unwind+ product page for more info.

Optimised Sleep Mask


Please hand wash your mask in less than 40C water. Occasionally there are left over dyes in the masks so this is a precaution to ensure they are all removed. You can dry by all conventional methods as well as using a hair dryer.

Our promise

Most people enjoy our products without extra help. That being said, some people may need assistance in using them in ways we haven't covered in our product pages or our extended instructions above. If you reach out to use via support@getweknow.com we promise to get back to you in a timely fashion to assist with any concerns you may have.