Ever wondered about the story behind the supplements you consume? Join us on a journey through the founding of We Know Health, where passion, expertise, and a commitment to transparency converge to create products that redefine health and wellness.

The Process of Creating the Supplements

Steven Musca, the visionary behind We Know Health, embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between herbalism and evidence-based medicine. Utilising his medical background, he delved into research studies, deciphering mechanisms of action and separating fact from fiction. By carefully selecting ingredients backed by robust evidence, Steven Musca laid the foundation for We Know Health's signature formulae.

The meticulous process involved sourcing ingredients used in Chinese and Western herbal medicine, understanding their synergistic effects, and determining the optimal dosages. We Know Health's commitment to quality extended to manufacturing in Australia, ensuring products were vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, with certifications from renowned regulatory authorities.

The Importance of Transparency in Ingredients

Transparency lies at the core of We Know Health's philosophy. Driven by a dedication to consumer empowerment, the brand ensures all ingredients are prominently displayed on the label. This commitment to transparency sets We Know Health apart from other brands that conceal hidden additives, empowering consumers to make informed choices about their health.

Steven M's personal investigation into existing products revealed a startling truth – hidden non-active ingredients that posed potential risks to consumers. By advocating for full ingredient disclosure, We Know Health prioritises consumer safety, acknowledging individual sensitivities that may go unnoticed in traditional supplements.

Dr Steven Musca founder of We Know Health
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The Concept Behind the Products

Steven, the Doctor and researcher at We Know Health, emphasises the therapeutic approach taken by the brand. Unlike conventional multivitamins that saturate the market, We Know Health focuses on delivering products with tangible effects supported by scientific evidence. Each product is carefully formulated to address specific health concerns, promoting consumers to experience the intended benefits backed by rigorous research.

The Science Behind Energise+

One of We Know Health's flagship products, Energise+, challenges traditional energy drinks by offering a healthier alternative free from excessive sugar and artificial additives. By incorporating cutting-edge scientific principles, Energise embodies We Know Health's commitment to innovation, providing consumers with a natural and sustained source of energy.


In conclusion, the journey of We Know Health embodies a commitment to excellence, transparency, and innovation. Through a blend of expertise and passion, Steven M and his team have redefined the landscape of health supplements, empowering consumers to make informed choices for their well-being.

Join us at We Know Health and experience the difference in quality, transparency, and efficacy. Your health journey starts here.

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March 24, 2024 — Kylie

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